Does lactose allergy hurt our health?

The What:

As your reading this, you might be biting your fingernails in nervousness, hoping that this article wont make you end up crossing milk off your grocery list once and for all.

            There’s something almost nostalgic about drinking milk. Whether you were, or still are, an Oreo dipper, or a lucky charms cereal eater, memories from your childhood surface when you grab that gallon from the fridge.

The How

When you were a wee-lad or lass, your body naturally made lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose (the sugar found in milk), into things we are able to digest (glucose and galactose) in the small intestine. But now that your older, you body reduced it’s lactase production, because your body was introduced to other foods, and started adapting to thosefoods.

            Because of the lack of lactase that some people have, milk is very hard to digest. When the body cant digest the lactose, it goes past the small intestine and into the large intestine, creating havoc! Aaarrrrr!. The good bacteria in your intestine try and break it down, and in turn create gas and water, giving you symptoms of stomach aches, diarrhea, and…well…..the farts.

            But the question is what else? Is that it? Does the havoc stop there?


The OMG:

            Here are 3 reasons to not just say no to milk, but to all dairy products:

  1. It’s been linked to cancer

One study observed a group of people having lactose intolerance that had low consumption of milk and saw that they had decreased incidence of lung, ovarian, and breast cancer.

Here is another study that showed as lactose intolerance increased, incidence of stomach cancer increased.

2. It’s been linked to cognitive decline

A study from 2017 made a link between milk intake and faster cognitive decline

3. Increased heart disease

Inflammation and saturated fats are never a good thing when it comes to the heart disease. For us lactose intolerant folks( which is about 65 % of the population), it’s even worse.

This study found that lactose intolerant people that drank a lot of milk had and increased risk of heart disease.

There was also a man documented to come into a hospital in Portugal in 2012 with a heart attack. He was also noted to have lactose intolerance. All forms of lactose containing foods and medicines were removed from his diet, and soon afterwards he had become symptom-free of any heart condition.

What your moms gave you:

Fret not, my friend. There are many options now-a-days when it comes to finding ways to get your “milk fix”, and the proper calcium that you need.

My moto is to look for ingredients you know.

Here are my top 5 milk substitutes for milk, that have simple know-what –your-getting ingredients:

  1. Cashew milk

Elmhust milked cashews

2. Macadamian milk

Milkadamia milk

3. Almond milk

Rude health organic almond milk

4. Coconut milk

Native forest organic unsweetened coconut milk

5. Hazelnut milk:

Elmhust milked hazelnuts


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